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holy crap... what a day. Sounds like a race day to me!

that's awesome that you've finally taken the plunge to start racing and it YES it is very tough.

I have had the honor to race in the snow in the California desert a few times and I can say with confidence that it is VERY tricky and I was only going over a few inches of it. I cant imagine what my first race would have been like had there been lots of ice and lots of snow.... good on ya for sticking it out!

from my experience a lot of racing is how you deal with adversity.... since the entire sport is just, adversity.

Im not sure how stuff works out there but if they have them (and they probably do) find a some guys that you like that are a part of on the clubs. They will be of more value to you than you could ever imagine and at the same time you'll be able to give back to the sport which feels really good when its you at the checkpoint and a bunch of lunatics go racing past a race you helped put on.

just bring a heater.

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