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Originally Posted by kenny61 View Post
Thanks everyone! Crank if your wife wants to make up some stickers and it will cost me less than $20 bucks. Ill be more than happy to put them on the bike. I was gonna slap a TG sticker on it but in true form there wasnt a spot clean enough that I thought they would stay. Also wasnt sure with the numbering situation. To show what a noob I am I put the number stickers they gave me on my helmet, just like they said. Only to realize I put them right where the goggle strap would cover them up.

Next Scheduled race will be 5/6 a NETRA Harescramble. I am thinking that its supposed to warm up this week upstate. Then again ext winter scramble is 3/4 and I am only 5 points behind the leader I wonder.....

To be continued
Tell me what number you need and I can hook that up for you. She has the templates for all the KTM's.
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