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AWD please!!
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If you enjoy traveling down that gravel road or giving it your all on some of the hardest trails around, the Rekluse EXP can be you "Secret Weapon" when it comes to smooth and consistant clutch control.

Pic by john beck

Boulder strewn slides like this become much more manageable when you worry less about miss-using the clutch and going over the edge.

See new sights that only smaller bikes could get to before.

We just got finished putting the final tests in on the 990 units and they should be ready to start shipping soon. I've got over 7,000 miles on there slave unit and it's a perfect match for this system.

Don't let that next unknown stop you. GO Explore!

Not only have a I tested it in some of the roughest terrain, but also some of the worst places you would ever want to be stranded.
Lonliest Road in the US. HWY 50 Nevada.

Now go find some dirt....
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