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So yall, remember that vicodin I took the night before? Yeah... bad plan.....

I wake up at the crack of dawn extremely nauseous, like the worst I have ever been. The gentle rocking of the hammock every time a move even slightly feels like a small boat in a lake superior gale storm. I spend the next few ours fighting the urge to barf. I finally decide to get up, break down camp and hope the fresh air will help with the nausea. It takes me about an hour to do a 15 minute a little....then set down til my head clears a bit.

My camp is on the Mason Tract of the south branch. I have to get to the Raplh A MacMullen Center on Higgins Lake. It is about a 20 mile ride, should take less than an hour.

I hop on the bike and roll out on to the sand two track. I make it about 300 yds before I barf in my closed face helmet. I litterally could not pull over fast enough. Sorry, no pictures of the event. So after spewing my guts on the side of the road I walked down to the river and washed my helmet out. It is 10 00 and and I have to be to the confrence center by noon.

I get back on the bike and ride. I got hopelessly lost....more than once. I finally started riding south and west till I hit M-18 and took that to Roscommon. I riding at 30 mph in a 55 cause that is all the faster I can go and keep it between the lines.
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