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So I finally make it to the confrence center. I check in and go shower then lay down for a while. I wake up at about 3pm. My wife had called around to see what medical facilities are open and see about a different pain medication. Grayling General is the only thing open. So i hop back on the KLR and head north.

After about 2 hours and much convicing the the attending Dr. finally beleives I am in fact a wayward yooper attending a fish camp and not some pill head tryin to score a fix. He writes me a prescription for Tramadol. He says this stuff is pretty potent and to go easy on it. It takes about an hour of phone tag with the insurance comp carrier to get the medication and then I am back on the road to Roscommon.

I meet the students, we have a group dinner. I go to bed early. I take one pill, wait an hour...nothin. Take another....nothin. Call the Dr. He returns my call and says Tramadol does not work for some people...looks like I am shit outta luck..... Fortunately I am tired enough that I sleep some what okay.
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