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Day 3- Monday

I wake up at 10am. Turns out my room mate, another instructor. Tried to wake me up at 7am but between the drool puddle on my pillow and the fact punching me in the shoulder had no effect he figured I was a lost cause.

Todays class consisted of fly casting, some fly tying and general first day of camp stuff.

After a family style dinner we load up on a school bus and head for the Grayling Fish Hatchery. But we're not going to look at fish...we are gonna catch them.

For a small fee and an agreement that we buy what we kill the hatchery will let the students fish in the hatchery race ways with barbless hooks. Its like shooting fishin a barrel....but with a 5 weight. I spent a solid 3 hours on my belly tailing and releasing fish in the race way. Turns out the mullberry imitations I tied years ago closely imitate the compressed food pellets the trout are fed. Each kid caught at least 5 fish, most more than ten. And these were big fish. They managed to kill a few which we did buy.
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