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Originally Posted by milo View Post
I'm not so sure about a modern boxer having a low center of gravity? I would think a V-twin with the heaviest part of the engine (the crank) positioned low would be better. The boxer has to be raised high to allow cornering clearance. Maybe I'm wrong though.
I think you are right. I would love to seen some data/graphics on this.
While the R GS have long been praised for their "low center of gravity" it seems every chance BMW get they make changes to degrade that benefit. The newer boxer engines are wider than the past and mounted in the frame, the GSA is taller raising the CofG, it has a bigger tank up very high raising the CofG, the overly upswept exhaust raises the CofG, then we all add cases and top boxes that raise the CofG more.

I guess is fine if you cruise interstates...but tipping in loose or slippery dirt puts you down quick.
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