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Originally Posted by dmac57 View Post
Improved street handling doesn't come from a low CoG. It comes from mass centralization around the roll axis of the bike. My guess is that the progression of the GS architecture has had a relatively positive effect in that direction.
Help me out. I don't understand "roll axis" ..amoung many other things it seems. It seems to me the "a" but likely not "the" roll axis is where the tires contacts the pavement. i.e. the bike "roll's" /tilts right or left on those points.

The Center of Gravity, which is different from the center of Mass, rotates above the tire/pavement contact points. The higher the center of gravity is from the pavement the longer it has to travel to any given lean angle. i.e. slower steering and likely more effort expended by the rider to move it thru that distance.

Standing up on the peg can help this, because the peg are below the center of gravity vs your butt which was on the seat(higher than the center of gravity) but doing so move the center of mass higher. a bit of a oxymoron..but who cares?

I just don't understand how raising CoG higher helps steering responiveness.
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