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Originally Posted by tyandresen View Post
What is water cooling likely to do for maintenance intervals? Are valve checks/adjustments still going to be every 6k? If so I am thinking that folks concerned with frequency or ease of maintenance (as I am) may look at other bikes like the Super Tenere with 26k valve adjustment intervals.

As much as I love my GSA, and boxer motors in general, if water cooling only gives a bit more power, a little quieter, but comes at the expense of more difficult routine maintenance at 6k intervals I don't think it will be that attractive to anyone that rides a fair amount. If the liquid cooling gets it close to the longer service intervals on competing bikes it would seem a lot more attractive.
I shouldn't think the maintenance would be more difficult on a boxer configuration. Other than the additional care for the coolant system, performing other regular maintenance items *should* be similar. For instance, valve adjustments should only require the removal of a valve cover and replacement of shims much like today's camhead. Oil changes and air filter replacement ditto. Hopefully, the addition of a water cooling system wouldn't make access to these items more difficult.
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