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I shouldn't think the maintenance would be more difficult on a boxer configuration. Other than the additional care for the coolant system, performing other regular maintenance items *should* be similar. For instance, valve adjustments should only require the removal of a valve cover and replacement of shims much like today's camhead. Oil changes and air filter replacement ditto. Hopefully, the addition of a water cooling system wouldn't make access to these items more difficult.
It wasn't access that I was concerned with. The camhead design is already a more complex valve adjustment than my 07 Hexhead. I put on a lot of miles and wouldn't consider a camhead just for that reason. I know there have been other improvements but I'm just not willing to give up the ease of valve adjustment and being reliant on the ability to get the right shim when I need it. I am assuming that a liquid cooled version would retain much of the camhead design, including shim type adjustments. If liquid cooling stretches that adjustment interval to 26k or something in the range of competing bikes then I personally would be much more interested. I still don't like the idea of being at the mercy of being able to get the right shim when I need it. I am guessing that after some time it will probably be the exhaust valves that tend to tighten up a bit, and carrying a couple of likely shims may not be that big of a deal. If the adjustment interval goes up significantly in my mind it would be an okay trade-off.
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