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Liquid cooling on its own won't change anything regarding clearance checks. The valve train is also not the same as the twin cam as it will be pure bucket and shim with no rockers as it is now. This should stretch the checks out although to what is anybodies guess. I would also think that the water Cooling and new valve gear could shave a bit off the width but they might have done other things like increase the stroke to widen it again.
I thought someone may have a guess as to how much it may stretch out the valve checks.

I own some other rigs with bucket and shim type adjustments and I've spent some time waiting for a dealer to get the shims that I need. I personally don't like the idea of a traveling bike that I may have to set somewhere with waiting for the right shims. BMW dealers are sparse enough. Add in having to either plan being where there is a dealer when you do your maintenance or being willing to wait for the parts to be sent to you to finish and it just starts not being that attractive. I suppose you could drain the oil, check things, measure and calculate what shims you need, put it back together to ride and order the parts to be delivered to a future destination and do the actual valves then. Either way, it's a bit of a hassle. Progress always has some type of price, and I'm just not sure that if that ends up being the price with the new GS that I'd end up buying one. No doubt plenty of others will.

Right now I plant to take really good care of my 07 so that any decision is hopefully quite a ways down the road.
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