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Originally Posted by tyandresen View Post
It would be nice if the liquid cooling and new design allows intervals of 12k or 18k. With my 07 I don't worry too much about where I will be when it's time for a service. I can easily carry the few tools needed to do it. I've done it more than once in a parking lot in a 3rd world country and it isn't a big deal. No concerns about finding the right shim or waiting for it, or finding what shim I need only to find out it isn't quickly available and having to put things back together and deal with it at a later time when the shim can be had.
The camhead Boxer valve intervals are check at 6 K miles then every 12K miles afterward. Adjustment is rarely needed even at 18K miles, The K16's check is at 18K miles and rarely needs adjusting.

No doubt the water Boxers will easily meet or beat that.
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