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I snoozed for a couple hours there on the lawn and woke up to the sound of screaming kids right before getting dinged by a frizbee. Oh well. Back on the bike.

I rolled over 17000 some where down the road on US 2.

Looks like as good a place as any for such an event.

I rode for a couple more hours and stopped in Munising for gas. Decided to check out the scenic overlook on the west side of town. I have been driving past it for 7 years or so and have never stopped.

A pretty neat view. Those are the Pictured Rocks in the distance.

I hop back on the bike and make it to Marquette just before sun down. I decided to stay at Tourist Park instead of riding the last 120 miles in the dark. This place is not very rural at all. All night i can hear the peaker station down the road spool up and spin down as demand changes.

So far I really like hammock camping, other than the occasional sea sickness issues.

It's off to Jimmy Johns for dinner. I swear this stuff is like crack cocaine on a bun. I've been known to make the 200 miles round trip from Houghton to Marquette just for a damn sandwich. Picture was taken the next day.

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