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Day 6- Homeward bound

I actually woke up at 6am feeling totally fine other than the midget with a hammer inside my knee. Didn't take any Tramadol the night before.

I start breaking camp and packing the bike.

Finally got a picture of the broken tail light wire. It is still sitting in my basement unfixed 7 months later. Gotta get on that some day....

Working on fine tuning my packing technique. Think I finally figure out how to get the load out on the tail away from my back.

Yup, that is a coffee pot hanging off the back end.

Now things get funny...stoopid funny.

On the way home I stop at the Huron Mountain Bread Company for donuts and heading west on M-28 is this round about.

It used to be the Yooper 7 Way Intersection of Doom but they ripped that out and put a round about it. I was feeling good and decided to do a few laps. So here I am going round and round, the honest citizens of Marquette come and go on there merry way. Suddenly about the 8th time around cars stop entering the round about. I look behind me a city cop is chasing me around in circles with his lights and siren on. I exit the round about and shut the bike off. He walks up and starts ranting at me about riding drunk at 7am. I calmly explain that I am completely sober and just felt like doing a few laps. He shakes his head and says "get the hell outta here". I ask for a picture with him and his car and he says "get the hell outta here before I change my mind". Momma didn't raise no fule so a gettin' I a goes.

There was a road bicycle tour going on along M-28. They seemed to get upset when I would slow down and pull behind to draft a pack of them. Oh well.

Made it to the Tioga Creek rest stop in decent time. This was actually an alternate location for my wedding. We decided on the gorge because it was closer to where we were staying at.

There was an older couple there with a flat tire and they couldn't get cell service. I changed the flat and kneeling definitely did my knee no good but the job got done. It seems they stuffed some gas money in my riding jacket while I wasn't looking cause I left the rest area $40 heavier than when I arrived.

Tioga Creek

That is the last picture I have of the trip. I made it home safely.
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