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Originally Posted by JayBo1 View Post
Where'd you get that info SB? BlueBull states his ideas are based from a "little birdy" but no qualification from you. Care to elaborate?

BlueBull, your spare room ready for me is it?? I should get my "business proposal" to you soon huh.

Everybody I spoke to at the Dakar confirmed the start will be in Lima, and the finish either in Santiago or Valparaiso. Local boys here in-the-know agree. I have not seen any local press to this effect - yet. Then again I have also been travelling a lot so I could have missed it.

Regarding Bolivia: Its been in the papers there, so I'm fairly convinced it will happen. I'm just not sure how they intend to deal with flying helicopters at altitude....

I have your room ready mate. Its a done deal.

Oh BTW I'm gunning for the Abu Dhabi DC this year, plan to do my entry in the morning. See you there?
Dreaming of Dakar
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