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Originally Posted by trrt View Post
My 2011 does not have any adjustment in the seat height.
I think you might be confusing the word "options" with the word "positions". The 2012 Sertao came standard with a 34" seat height. You could get the low seat option which I think was 30 inches. But, it's not like my RT which, built into the seat itself, was a mechanism that allows you to adjust the seat height up or down a position.

The standard GS (non sertao) also has 3 seat height "options", not positions. 31 inches, 33 inches and if you ordered a low SUSPENSION bike, the seat height would be 30 inches. See..... 3 seat height "options"

For the A personalties....I rounded the numbers up or down to suit my memory. They are NOT exact.
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