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DC, thanks for this tip and oddly enough we experienced the opposite of this on OC's bike. On the back of his frame, above the shocks, the powder coating looked to have small cracks, but when the paint was buffed off to check, the frame was fine. With my bike being used in small duration motos, it isn't as critical as the Baja bike, so I'm gonna proceed. That being said, I do plan to go over all welds and mounting points to check and repair before powder coat. Thanks again for the heads up!

Did you race flat track? Those are my roots and I'm always up to hear any old war stories. Have you seen the four Ricky Graham videos, they are pretty cool, here is video number 1;
I've seen the same thing with powder coating and IIRC, he said something about that too. He just thought it made for more problems than it was worth.

Back then, I tried to talk to as many people as I could at the races before I started myself. You can learn a lot if you keep your mouth largely shut e.g. I learned how to safety wire from watching Team Kawasaki, use oversize rings on standard pistons and file them down to set a tight end gap, etc. I only wish I'd written it all down.

Nope, no flat track just roadraced some and then in the woods in '07 and '08. I'm going back into the woods in April, but that's another thread.
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