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I wouldn't sweat it. Spline lube threads are becoming like oil/tire threads so there has to be some sniping back and forth. And I'm getting over a carpal tunnel slice'n'dice so since I can neither ride nor wrench, I have an excuse to be more testy than usual.

So there. :razz

I just remembered how we came to use moly lube on clutch splines. Worked as a gopher (go-fer) at a VW dealership in 1968 or so. VW's have fine clutch splines and clutches had a tendency to chatter sometimes. VW had just introduced the constant velocity (CV) joint rear axles, which replaced the old swing axles. Moly CV Joint lube was a hot new item, someone got the idea of using it on the clutch splines and found that it worked very well.
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