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Day 0 – Bucharest – Galati – Reni – 260km

thank you for you kind comments. Let' get on:

We left Bucharest Friday afternoon and for time saving reasons we ride on A2 for 100 km then turn left/north to Slobozia, Braila and Galati . In Galati we stop for refueling and to buy some food for the evening and morning since last year at the hotel in Reni there was none.
We then proceed to the border crossing from Galati / Giurgiulesti where on the Romanian side there was a nice long queue. We choose the shortest line until we notice that our line wasn’t making any progress. Having a conversation with a guy from the line on the left, which moved faster, he explain that we were wrong choosing the shortest line since it was for all passports (Ukrainian and Russians mainly) as opposite to the one advancing faster which was for EU citizens. By now that was a very long line… but he was nice and let us pass in front of him at the queue. It was Friday evening and a lot of people (Romanian or Moldavian) were trying to cross the border to Moldova. We made it to the other side, where another queue was waiting for us at the Moldavian border. We ride the 800 meters long road in Moldova in order to cross it and arrived at the other Moldavian border where we exited Moldova and finally reached the Ukrainian border.
All in all, it took us more then 3 hours to cross the 4 borders.
We didn’t have any problems at any of the border crossings. They were slow but we expected that. Entering Ukraine we were not requested to fill the immigration form and we were not asked for it on exit. Apparently they simplified the procedure since last year.
We choose to split the ride from Bucharest to Odessa in 2 parts in order to gain a half a day on Saturday in Odessa, and also for my pillion to get used with the bike again.
5 km or so after the Ukrainian border we reach the small town of Reni where I had slept last year on my way to Odessa’s Goblin Show.
More info about that here:

The hotel is on the left side of the road a few hundreds meters after you enter Reni. It was 25 USD per night for a decent room for 2 persons. Beer and coffee was 1 USD each and bike parking 5 USD. Last year coffee and parking was free.
At the hotel there was a party of the local fiscal authorities with singers and all. They even sing a Romanian song for us
One sandwich, one beer and off to sleep.
No pics from day one.

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