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got the bbq rack.
mini wind screen to keep the wind off my chest
supermoto front fender, best mod for the highway for sure.
ims 4.9 gallon tank, 200 mile range.
race tech suspension kits from pro cycle front and rear setup for 240 pound desert racer, trail tricks set it up and installed . 8.1 spring rear. also must haves.
skidplate, obviously.
stock engine, stock jetting, stock exhaust. real men just twist it more. and stealth is best these days.
had rimlocks installed and had wheels balanced. must have for highway, stock rims btw
stock seat, real riders stand!
sw motech center stand, this actually moved the stock pegs out a half inch and got rid of rubber bushings so +1 but for offroad i use a large zip tie to hold it up because the spring is lame/weak and it flops down.
stock mirrors are fine and havent broken yet, i just push them forward a little when riding offroad.
dropped 1 tooth on the counter shaft sprocket. must do for offroad, lost a little top speed on the highway but not too bad.
still no hand guards
10k miles and hasnt missed a beat!
stock blinkers and stock tail light, bbq rack protects all that.
got the license plate holder also,as the stock holder really was crap.
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