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Originally Posted by Steveman View Post
Great write ups guys! I have some questions and till now could not get satisfying answers.
I'd like to put a Rekluse clutch into my 450 EXC but am not sure which one to buy. My mates use the Z-star pro and are happy. I assumed that the EXP must be better as its newer and costs a lot more (USD 1300 over here). I asked the boyz and they say its designed to keep the clutch lever. And this is exactly what I do not want as the clutch lever will be removed and I plan to brake the rear wheel with the left hand. KTM offers a left hand brake cylinder kit exactly for those who dont use the clutch anymore...
Can I use the EXP completely without clutch lever or is it better to go for the Z-start pro (which KTM recommends. Well, its even available through them´and that might be the reason..)

PS. I do the slow and hard trails steep up and down, so no MX racing, just pure and hard enduro with tricky sections...

The z-start pro and EXP use almost none of the same parts. What year is your bike? The 450 setup is differant than the 950/990 setup. You get a new outer preasure plate. That's where the price increase comes from over the LC8 unit.

I don't see why the EXP could not be used with clutch lever removed once properly setup. I don't use it all when going slow, just blip and shift. You learn it fast. I use my clutch lever more for aggressive riding when down shifting several gears at once. What ever you could do with a standard tranny "Power Shifting" you can do with the Rekluse.

I'm going to dig into this a bit more and see what I can find out for you.
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