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Originally Posted by Nailhead View Post
One question:

Is the EXP potentially as hard on clutch basket fingers as the Z-Start Pro?

I would like to retain the stock basket if at all possible.

Both systems work fine with the OEM basket for 90% of the riders out there, when you start riding hard that's when the Finger tips started to give me issues with the Z-start. - That was fixed with a Billet basket.

The design of the EXP put the Rekluse unit further down in the fiber pack.

The Z-start pro, put a lot of the drive pressure on the basket tips.

We still find many riders start to get grooves in an OEM basket around 40-60,000 miles depending on there riding style and terrain they use there bike it. These grooves start to hang up the clutch system giving them inconsistent performance. That's the reason I'm still pushing to make more Billet baskets.

The EXP system is about a 1-1.5 hr install time, much faster than the Z-start pro.

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