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Originally Posted by LarryGee View Post
Fair Pricing is a moving target. It kind of depends on where you are. Certain bikes sell stronger in certain areas. My suggestion would be that the closer to NADA trade in value you can buy the bike, the better the deal.
Trying to find something reasonably priced here in the north east has been a real challenge!

Originally Posted by LarryGee View Post
Regarding performance in the environments you described, YES, she will do very well. Much of it depends on YOU and your skill level. I've seen guys take sport tourers with street tires into sand ruts and ride like it was pavement. They are just good riders. In very soft sand, you would need to think about reducing tire pressure but for fire roads, gravel, jeep trails....the G will do great!

Don't be afraid of the G's ability to handle the road. She can handle just about anything you can throw at her. Her capabilities are often underestimated.
Great, that's what I wanted to hear. I've test ridden 2 over the last year and found it to be a fun bike on the road, but didn't have a chance to try any trails. At 53 I won't be tearing up the single track as I once did but may get a little frisky from time to time!
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