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Looking forward to this one. RWV last year was my first RallyMoto race so this will be my first opportunity to repeat an event and compare any progress (assuming the re-use some of the same stages). Snowshoe is a really cool place, just a pain that they have little to no cell reception due to the major radio telescope nearby.

I ran a D606 rear and an MT21 front. Very little loose deep gravel so the MT21 actually hooked up well on the hard packed roads. Rear hopped around a lot under accelleration but I suspect that was due to the sorry state of my rear sock (which has since been rebuild and re-valved).

I just ordered a second set of wheels for my bike (in prep for the Mexican 1000!) so might have one set of D606 and another with MT21 and swap at service if I feel I made the wrong choice.
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