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Clutch Update..! Playing a blinder!!

The clutch is playing an absolute blinder. After all the hassle with with twice unsuccessfully trying to change out the plates the clutch is working just fine. The old plates are back in her after being cleaned up. Of course it all happened after this pushy guy at Carter Honda in Vancouver insisted on me taking this semi synth stuff he had (that was on special at the time!) and insisted that this was great stuff and will do the job. Of course I should have listened to myself and not used it as it started slipping after that.

So I've had the plates out, and gave them a very light sanding with some emory paper and cleaned the crap out from between the grooves. At the moment it seems to be fine* and I have taken it up some steep hills fully loaded. That's not to say that it won't cause me trouble down the line but I am confident that it is working fine and I will get another couple thousand miles out of them.

While we are on the subject of mileage the little Honda surpassed 8000 miles on the journey so far and almost 37,000 covered in the last 25 years! The problem with it popping out of gear sometimes has been minimised by just doing a small push on the lever to make sure it's picked to the gear properly. The bike is running better since I put the new chain on at Timmy's. Thanks again Tim.

Over all the bike is holding up very well and I am very happy with it despite the terrain I have been bringing it on, and long may it do so! I brought 2 quarts of oil with me into Mexico as I was told the Mexican stuff is not as good. So I will make a change when I leave Baja. I will most likely also change the back tyre to the front when before I get the boat to Mazatlán.

Rock on little pony..

On Monday I will ride to Laguna de San Ignacio to see the Grey Whales again..
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