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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
I'm on my second set of Jesses (990 Adv).
I can't believe how well the first set (4 years old) held up in my 60-ish mph pavement crash.
They are still completely intact, just well scratched.
Insurance bought me a new set, and I sincerely love the newer adjustable sliding racks.
Bringing that weight forward and lower when packed for camping makes this bike handle noticeably better,
and it LOOKS way better with the bags forward, too, IMO.

But I do abuse my bike, and my Jesses, off-road.
When I smack obstacles, like trees & rocks, the "slide" absorbs some of the impact, as they slide further back.
But, still, the new racks' tubular steel have required some roadside (ditchside ) McGuyver repairs,
and some welding attention either at the next town, or when I get back home.
I have broken several welds where the tubes join together.
Of course, this is usally quite minor,
..... compared to the broken mirror, bent brake lever, etc, etc I have to fix at the same time

This is absolutely no fault of the great new sliding design.
Like I said, I abuse them way above and beyond the call of normal Adventure duty:

Neither set has EVER broken or come apart during any actual riding (only crashing ).
Even on the most severe roads/dual track/trails, they have always held up perfectly well.

But the older flat steel design was easier to beat back with a trailside rock, or pry with a tire spoon,
for the multiple times that I've had to beat it back into shape enough to remount the boxes after an "off".
While soft bags may make more sense for me, I cannot give up the versatility and dry storage space of my Jesse's

Just mentioning this for consideration for any possible future rack redesign:
A combo of the two rack designs might do better for a severe beater-upper like me.
Love It! . Thanks for the incite.
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