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Originally Posted by knobbyjoe View Post
Dramatically reduces the jerky "On / Off" throttle response of the big twin.
"Mountain roads and tight traffic become a joy again".

Listed in the advertisement as a benifit of this filter. Anyone comment on this!

(We're bias but here is our honest impression)
Haven't found anything that eliminates it whatsoever, but it helps quite a bit. We were always skeptical about those claims with other free flowing filters but the first test up to Malibu hills in the tight and twisties was soooo much more pleasant to ride than with the stock set up. Pretty much never shifted out of third the whole way. Lugged the low gears better and "Came on" much smoother.Tight traffic under 25 mph was way less white knuckle as well. Admittedly, allot of it is simply getting a proper map made. But if your going to that extent, why not do it with a cost effective filter and get the extra 10.
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