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I have some pictures somewhere. I will look for it. The bike is in the container...............

The budget is a very tricky question. Depends on many factors. The miniminum you have to think of is the entry fee, the insurances/visas, etc., the flight back from Dakar (about 400€), tyres (you will do with 1 desert front and 2 desert rear, with the mousses about 500€). There you will need another 1.500€ for expenses. Of course some spares and consumables (oil, filters, etc). Next to that the container and someone to bring your stuff.
That's the minimum. If you want a mechanic, etc., you will need more money.

This year we went with a good infrastructure, if next year I go, it will be cheaper, therefore in a more moderate way. But we are just landing so I don't want to think about it.
The organization, as I said is growing, and I think they will have to provide more services. For instance, it does not make sense to have all teams loading containers individually. The organization should provide a big container were we could load all the bikes and ship to europe. Costs would be very convenient for everybody.
It would be also be very convenient to provide a "Malle" option, like in Dakar, were the organization brings 2 boxes and 2 tyres for you. Of course, the entry fee would increase, but it will be still a low budget, cheaper and very flexible for people.

About the adventure class, I can figure out that it will dissapear. It does not make sense to have 2 routes. The organization has to cover 2 routes, wasting resources. This year there were problems...... I would also never join that class since they start up after the cars. A pain in mountain sections. Much better to join the race and take it easy, like me.
The route is not suitable for big twins. Vincent is one of a kind and 25 years old, but I saw him struggling in the sand. It does not make sense. There were other guys with big KTM's. But they are also big guys. Size matters. Again, I did not see them in sand or rocky sections, but in fast sections they were in fron t of me. The route is not very technical, but let's say that 10% is there. Perhaps Vincent can answer you.

About your DRZ, my model is an "E", 2007. Never gave me a problem in many years. The best bike I could dream off. But it will never go back to Dakar. Next one will be with a Honda or Yamaha. Those suspensions, that power, that weight.
My advice to you is not to undestimate this rally. It's not Dakar (and it should not be) but is a tough one.My friend and winner of this edition is an experience Dakar rider. He has budget for next year's Dakar, but has decided to do the IR2013 because he had lots of fun. He said this can be compared to a Tuinisian rally, with more days. He did not prepare this rally as a Dakar, but he is always fit and he was exhausted at the end. Africa is Africa.

A nice photo,

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