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KX450 Shock

Hey all,just fitted a KX450 shock to my DR650.
It is really the same deal as the DRZ400 shock as far as milling down the dog bone to accept the smaller lower mount. I did use different bearing.
I shaved the dog bone down to 21mm and used this bearing
09263-17032 Suzuki needle bearing 17x24x15

I then took .5mm off each side of the lower shock mount and cut down the stock bushing to the proper length.
I did have to drill new holes for mounting approx 5/8 inch from stock KX holes otherwise it would not mount up.
On the top mount I used 2 -10mm washers on each side to center the top or you could use a 4mm bushing on each side,I had trouble finding one and the washers were easy enough and perfect width.

I chose this shock mostly because it was re valved/sprung for my weight. Plus I got a little more length out of it to help with the rmz fork upgrade. I didn't take any pictures because It was kind of a pain in the arse to weasel it in there and I was in no mood to take pics. The head pipe needs to be put in first and the exhaust removed from rear. In other words you can not feed the stock head pipe past the spring and reservoir with the mid pipe attached.

Now I just need to finish the details of the fork upgrade-ignition,headlight,can't wait to try this thing out!
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