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Originally Posted by Renner View Post
When I looked at that bolt in a previous pic I thought, 'maybe I should mention not to remove that bolt.'

Did you ask Stoner how much for a good-used transmission?

(...just don't screw with the phillips-head screw...)
Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
My first thought was "Argghh! Doesn't that hold something internal, like something on the shift mechanism?" But maybe I'm thinking four-speed or /2 trannys.

Change those inline fule filters, they look like they've been there a while, and also, drain and pull the tank and check the "filter socks" at the petcocks. They'll probably need cleaning. And plug up the petcock fittings and slosh some gas around in the tank-- there is probably sediment and dirt collected. Drain, dispose of humanely.

Lots of things still to check out on this old girl...
So, have I messed up my transmission by removing that bolt? :(

I have new fuel line and in-line filters coming, as well as pet cock filters and parts. - Disposing of gas humanely, can i store it with my used oil and hypoid and deposit with napa at a later date, or must gas be treated differently?

Thanks guys!
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