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Originally Posted by Renner
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My first thought was "Argghh! Doesn't that hold something internal, like something on the shift mechanism?" But maybe I'm thinking four-speed or /2 trannys.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly, but I wanted to refresh my memory before saying the sky is falling.

IIRC now, it's a socket head cap screw (SHCS aka allan bolt) that holds an internal component, (...shift fork adjustment bar?)... now I need to go look
(and I hope to know what I'm doing with transmissions one of these days :headslap )
Yep, I jumped the gun on that. It's the two allen-head bolts on the 4-speed /5 and earlier trannys that have to not be touched-- they are on eccentrics and control the shift fork engagement.

However, it got me to thinking-- for a while I've had a wee bit of oil weepage on the back of my tranny. Not much, just enough to keep it oily. I replaced the rubber seal on the clutch release piston but it still seeps. I wonder if it could be that bolt that holds the springy-retainer down? May need snugging or a bit of thread sealant...
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