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Could you please elaborate on the "unreal improvement"? I've got 20K on my DR650. Ride it hard on both street and trails. I'm still on the stock suspension with only the rear preload and damping set to near max. I'm 210 lbs and usually carry 10-40 lbs on the rear rack. About the only things I cannot do well with my setup are hitting big bumps (large whoops and jumps) fast, and keeping up with race type dirt bikes in the rough stuff. I'm considering the suspension mods you mention. Will these mods allow for fast riding in the conditions I've mentioned?
yes. compared to stock i ride alot faster, but still not USD fast.
if you hope to keep up with true dirt bikes you bought the wrong bike.
go buy a wr450f as the dr is not a true dirt bike.
all the $ in the world won't make it KTM plush.
the DR is a japanese dual-sport from the 90s, nothing more, but they make great day exploring and adv touring bikes.

since i wrote that i figured out my fork spring (.50 eibach) is for someone aprox. 215lbs so i'll be pulling that one out selling it and getting a .47 eibach (175lbs)
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