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Originally Posted by Kelly_O View Post
Damn straight, it's a nuther thang. I'd wondered WTF a rotary valve was all about. Thank Jeff. I'm enjoying 2 stroke 101, Kelly.
Ah, rotary valve! The one of three of the bikes I got running would start and kinda idle when I first tried it, but it would spit back through the carb if you tried to rev it. Finally took a good look at the rotary valve's opening and closing, with relation to the direction of piston travel and position. I had been told the valve was replaced, and sure enough it was off by about 180 degrees. Actually the Kawasaki manual seemed a bit unclear/vague about what mark(s) to use to "time" it. Finally decided on a position that seemed close to the degrees of opening and closing according to the manual. Movements, spline to spline, are quite a few degrees at a time because of the relatively course splines on the crank where the rotary valve slides on. Must have gotten it good. Bike ran when I got it back together Honestly I don't know how the bike even started before I re-timed the rotary valve. It was open on the piston downstroke.

To say the valve is a job to get to is an understatement. About all that was left to do yet was split the cases. Even had to make a special tool to hold the clutch basket to remove the nut that retains it on the trans input shaft.

Lynn .
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