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Time: we left on the Friday the 1st of July and arrived back in Bucharest on the 2 weeks later, Monday 18th of July. So that is 17 and a half days. Total distance was about 4200 km, considering that we skipped Georgia and took the ferry from Russia to Turkey. From the 17 days, 5 days we rest and visited.

Money: Gas in Ukraine and Russia is around one USD, in Turkey is 2.3 USD (that was the most expensive part).
Also very expensive is the Ferry from Sochi to Trabzon - 650 USD for 2 persons and bike. Generally Sochi is pretty expensive, accommodation was double then the rest of the places where we stay. The 2 days in Istanbul where over the average budget.

We did not camped, which increased our budget and we eat many meals in small restaurants or local food shop. We did not cooked.

If I remember correctly it was generally around 100 USD per day for the two of us. That includes accommodation, food, fuel and beers.

hope this answer you question, if you have any other please shoot :)

Safe rides,

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Great ride. I'm in.
I was planing for a trip like yours, can you tell me a budget and how much time did you need for.
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