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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
yes. compared to stock i ride alot faster, but still not USD fast.
if you hope to keep up with true dirt bikes you bought the wrong bike.
go buy a wr450f as the dr is not a true dirt bike.
all the $ in the world won't make it KTM plush.
the DR is a japanese dual-sport from the 90s, nothing more, but they make great day exploring and adv touring bikes

since i wrote that i figured out my fork spring (.50 eibach) is for someone aprox. 215lbs so i'll be pulling that one out selling it and getting a .47 eibach (175lbs)
Thanks Eakins,
The wr450s are nice dirt bikes but I rather doubt that I could have put 20,000 of the kind of miles (80-90 MPH for several hours at a time, two up exploring, touring) I have so far on DR650 without wearing out several of them and myself for that matter. The bike I need is a TE610/630, KTM690 or 950 SE. What I can afford right now are some springs and valves for the suspension to hopefully get part way there. I did not buy the DR to race with dirt bikes but now and again when the pace picks up on a rough trail ride it will be nice to have a bit more control. I agree that the DR650 is a great exploring and adv touring bike. I would add that its also very fun and fast on a tight twisty paved road. Did not buy it to race with sport bikes either, but sometimes I can't help myself.

I would be interested in your .50 Ebachs when your done with them if the shipping cost is not prohibitive. I'm 210 lbs and I use a 5 gallon gas tank so the .50s might be just about right.
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