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Originally Posted by kenny61 View Post
I dont know Im pretty protective about my threads and staying on topic but I guess I can grant a one time waiver.

Who was the guy with you just before we left. I was so tired I forgot by the time I got back to my truck

That was Doug, DRC42 here on ADVsausage

I just started riding off road aggressively a few years ago, riding Turkey runs and stuff like that. Last year, I decided to try a Harescramble and with luck an Enduro. I was able to do the Tuxedo ridge HS last year and I had a great time but because of some family stuff, I was unable to do any other races. This year, I swore that I would do as much as possible and so far it's been good.

So yesterday was my first Enduro ever and I was not prepared as you can imagine. The biggest boner move of the day was not taping my time card onto my fender well enough. The damn thing flew off during one of the sections of trail I was happy to learn at the checkpoint that they could manually score me at the end....Cool....but you'll get a 10% penalty...oh shit Oh well, I'll just keep riding and have fun. Much to my surprise I managed third in Senior C, which was pretty cool until GBG informed me that I would have been first in Senior C minus without the 10% penalty

I was informed today that I would have been third overall in the entire C class and awarded 16 promotion points towards my B card

Long story short, all the decent riding in the world doesn't mean shit if you don't use enough tape! Thus endeth the lesson!
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