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Day 2 Ride Report

Day 2 Aug 22

Well rested and fed,we’re all gased up so Let’s go!
Day two would be about 180 miles and we would see Logan Canyon, Bear Lake, enter into Wyoming, Fossil Butte National Monument, enter into Bridger National Forest, meet several large bovine, rolling hills, and our first night camping.

We headed East and out of Brigham City, We drove through Logan and began our drive through scenic Logan Canyon. This canyon is fairly narrow with high rugged walls, dense vegetation, and a gushing Logan River rushing by.

Because of the high canyon walls, the early morning sun angle, and the abundance of water it was really chilly riding in the canyon. What a contrast from the day before! We actually had to stop and either hug each other or add clothing layers to warm up

The Logan river canyon is a very twisty road so it resulted in a very enjoyable morning ride. Once out of the canyon we climbed up some big hills to the top overlook of Bear Lake which is an awesome site.
You can check it out in the panoramic sweep video:

From the overlook you head down a big decent to the lake and travel along the shore past tidy farms.
Lasts year’s winter had almost record snowfall in many areas of the West which led to high water levels in the spring and summer. You can see in the picture that a large part of the shore and tree line were under water. This year in California we are going through extremely dry conditions with almost no precipitation this winter until just recent. What a difference a year makes.

We scooted along the shoreline and ringed the South tip of the Lake. When we left the lake behind we headed further East and came up to the border of Utah and Wyoming.
We finally reached the sign made famous in Docking Pilot’s amazing ride report:

We were leaving Utah behind but not for too long as we would be back in about 7 or 8 days.

Heading East some more we reached the site of the Fossil Butte National Monument.
You can see the butte at the top right of the sign where many of the best fossils were located.

In the late 1890s miners flocked to this area about 15 miles West of Kemmerer, Wyoming in search of their fortunes. In many cases miners unearthed ancient fossils of fish, alligators, bats, turtles, dog-sized horses, insects, and many other species of plants. In 1972 the butte where most of the best fossils were found was declared a National Monument to help preserve them. A museum was established at the site to display the fossils and the next few pictures shows some of these amazing ancient creatures.

We then hoped over to Kemmerer for a brief gas stop at the local

Up until this point Jeremy rode between Paul/Jill and myself due to his screwed up GPS routes. So like every good IT wizard Jeremy brought a netbook computer and just by chance the local K&G station had a WIFI spot that we could tap onto. Paul emailed the GPS routes before we started the trip and Jeremy downloaded them, as well as the free Garmin Basecamp software to edit and download routes to his BMW/Garmin Navigator GPS unit. So Paul loaded the routes into the GPS software and Jeremy downloaded them into his GPS unit right outside the store, and it worked!!. The local kids running around the K&G with their Slush Puppies looked at us with puzzled faces wondering what the heck we were doing!

After the IT success we headed North on Hams Fork road which quickly turned to dirt with nobody in site for miles.

At one point we saw this disturbing pile of stuffed toy animals and speculated that this was maybe some memorial to a child that had died on the side of the road.

As we headed farther North the scenery was starting to change from relatively slow rolling grassy hills to rolling forested hills and ridges.

We were also starting to see more ranches with free range horses and livestock.

Until we rounded a corner and met this badboy and his friend.

He stood there with his tail swinging excitedly back and forth staring right at us and dared us to advance.
Jeremy and I looked at each other and said “you go first”. Jeremy decided to go first and besides, who was going to mess with a dude that looked like a storm trooper from Halo riding a sicass bike.
My bike is a bright orange so I was hoping he wouldn’t see “red’ when I tried to advance.

It worked! as we kept staring at bayboy as we rolled slowly by, he stood his ground and let us advance. You just never know what these guys will do, they will sometimes just bolt in any random direction just as you roll on by, so we usually take it real slow around livestock.
Heading further North we entered Bridger National Forest lands.

We crossed some quiet little streams

And toured on quiet roads (Hams Fork, Smiths Fork, Indian Creek) which nobody seemed to be on except us.

We stopped for a quick hydration break at an empty forestry campsite.

We came upon this old Ranger cabin that was well preserved from 1914.

We had a couple of “watch out” spots where muddy conditions could take you out if you were blitzing along and did not pay attention.

It was getting late in the day and we knew we would not make Alpine before dusk so we started to look for a campsite. We found a great one a little ways off the main road that was completely empty

The priorities when it comes to camping for the night are shelter, fire, water and food.
First comes shelter and this was Jeremy’s first time out camping.
He just got his new tent but did not have a chance to set it up before our trip so it was a bit of a challenge as the poles seemed to want to be arranged in a complex crossover shape, but after a few tries he got it.
Now there’s a happy camper!!

The campsite was perfect for it came complete with trees for shade and a firepit with plenty of firewood

Paul worked his magic fire dance and had a roaring fire in about 2 secs.
There was a nice cool creek just beyond the bushes.

And dinner!

Well not quite. Maybe that Bear Grylls guy would eat this unfortunate creature but we didn’t. It was gourmet dehydrated boiled water into bag type fare for us.
Supplemented with jerky, and hot chocolate laced with a bit of rum for a nightcap.

Here’s a video with some stimulating evening fireside chat about the 24hr long fireplace video shown on TV at Christmas time since it was starting to get cold out.

All in all, a fantastic way to end a perfect day of Adventure riding.
Looking ahead to Day 3 we would be heading farther North to Alpine, Wy and eventually to Idaho and Idaho Falls, and, our first Crash - Stay Tuned!

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