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Let's have a short intermezzo here.

My mother was visiting me and brought me something interesting stuff she discovered while going through my grandmothers things.

It is a map of Europe from 1940, belonging to my grand-grandfather who died in the late 70s.

I already knew a few things about him, being a german soldier during WW2, he earned an Iron Cross 2nd Class. The 2nd Class Iron Cross was awarded about 4.5 million times, so not that high decorateed. But it still is strange to see this in real and knowing your grand-grandfather had it.

My grandmother never told me a lot about the war years, even when I insisted in hearing her story. She died last fall and now my mother finds interesting memorabilia from long gone times.

My mother asked her aunt (the daughter of my grand-grandfather) about the map and what these red lines mean.

Apparently, my grand-grandfather was in Murmansk and St. Petersburg long before me. Not exactly for the same purpose, but it's still interesting to hear about it.

(note the different line of the border - e.g. north of Leningrad or between Sweden and Finland)

He fought on the Western and Eastern Front.

There are also a few diaries of my grand-grandfather, but my mother keeps them for now. It's written in old german cursive so I can't read it anyways. Definately have to learn and read it someday.

Just wanted to share this little gem with you. Not groundbreaking in any way, but I thought it was pretty interesting.
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