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OK, so i have been sandbaggin' on this site for almost a year now.

Last week I finally got my bike sorted out (an '89 Transalp that had been in storage for almost 2 decades), so I jumped back on this forum to find out when the '12 Bradshaw Bombrun is so i don't miss it...

Next weekend? holy crap...

so here I am:

Me: just back on a bike after MANY years (skill level = Novice)
Bike: old, big, and low powered, but at least she has off road oriented tires (although not full on desert knobbies)
Equipment: all my camping gear is "family car camping" type (my only tent at this point is almost 80#)

so how about it? new rider on an old bike? I'd love to come out and meet everyone...

I'd have to ride out because my Wife needs the jeep this weekend. I have no luggage on the bike, but i'm sure i can strap on a sleeping bag and a backpack for clothes and some food.

Is anyone riding out Friday after work? I am in the Riverside area and would rather not do the trip to the camp alone.
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