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Hi all:)

Well i got 3 tasty boxes of parts today - 2 from Ted Porter and 1 from Bing. Then I got to re-assembling the bike tonight. I put the new fuel line together with the new in-line filters, put the airbox retaining plate back on, and started putting the airbox back together only to find that if I wanted to put the top cover back on, I'd have to take the right clamshell back off.

I tell you what though - you guys warned me about the front cover shorting out the diode board, and I was going to disconnect the battery before i did that, but you didn't warn me that there is something on the top that will also throw a spark if you touch it wrong! While I was wiggling the top cover in, I must have touched something bad. I saw a spark, and immediately disconnected the battery. I hope everything is ok :/ anyway, i got it back on but the snorkel is a freaking pain in the ass to get back on the top cover. the 2 piece mesh screen? the 2 little clips on the inside? really? with my giant hands it was a challenge.

The airbox itself wasn't to bad - Mike had warned me that getting the screw all the way through the filter to the recieving thread was a pain, but that was easy if you look up through the air tube holes. tightening the bolt that holds the right clamshell on was a pain though. I guess i need some smaller wrenches.

hey, you know that mystery nut and washer I found in the airbox? well mystery solved. that holds the choke assembly onto the left clamshell. hooray for parts accounted for. boo for the choke not working as smoothly as it did before. Not sure what I did wrong...

I also put a new brake cable on. Is there a trick to this? I had to squeeze the arm on the master cylinder with some pliers to be able to get the little nubbin into the cradle.

annndd, that's it for tonight. I hope to get the rest back together by this weekend for some riding and tuning...

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