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but you didn't warn me that there is something on the top that will also throw a spark if you touch it wrong! While I was wiggling the top cover in, I must have touched something bad. I saw a spark,
The top cover can contact the "battery" terminal of the solenoid whilst it's being wiggled back on. Good practice is to disconnect the battery whenever you are working on something even remotely electrical. Live and learn.

tightening the bolt that holds the right clamshell on was a pain though.
The 12mm box-end in the toolkit is perfect for that.

I had to squeeze the arm on the master cylinder with some pliers to be able to get the little nubbin into the cradle.
Explain more. If the clevis-pin that the cable-end fits into is not absolutely free to pivot in the arm as the cable is pulled, the cable will flex at that point and break.
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