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I also found this report which tells us a little about where tuefel's head is.

Originally Posted by tuefel
Just a few words on the Booster Plug. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was one of the original testers for the Tiger. What it does is replace the temp sensor in the air box. The stock sensor has a well defined voltage output directly related to the temperature in the air box which the ECU uses to adjust fuel mapping. The Booster Plug just redefines that voltage output using a different kind of thermistor. That works well for some folks and not so well for others. In my case, it didn't work, BUT I had a Leo Vince can, a PiperCross air filter, no Cat or SAI and I removed the Snorkel. In short, the Tiger was not stock anymore. BUT, all of these factors had to do with throttle hesitation. Originally all my bike had was the Leo Vince can with the TOR tune and it ran OK. When I pulled the dbKiller out of the can, there was absolutely NO, NADA, ZIP hesitation. When I started playing with tunes, hesitation would show up depending on the tune, that is why I am running what is very close to the TOR tune where I started. Now to get myself flamed. It is my opinion that many of the tunes and gismos like the BP change more factors in the rider's head than on the bike. Seen it many times on many bikes, if your add something new it almost always seems better. Not saying the BP doesn't work, it does for some. Not saying all riders are crazy, but a lot are LOL.

Search function is a bitch.

Things are becoming clear. His experience with a different product on a different bike is superior to our experiences here. And he's here to tell us what fools we are in believing the scam.

Yeah. Right.

I run my bike WFO as much as anyone I know. I have tested acceleration, roll on, and top speed more times than I can count. Before and after install. Hell. Every time I get on it is a WFO test. lol

My bike just flat runs better with this device. Period. But, yeah. I am just a little crazy. At least he got that part right. ;)

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