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Originally Posted by TuefelHunden View Post
Lets do clear some things up. Number one the BP on the Tiger was the exact same gismo as on air cooled BMWs only with a different negative slope thermistor. The BP changes the data going to the ECU whether one, two, or 50 cylinders taken (water, air, or oil cooled) from the incoming air stream so that the ECU will make adjustments accordingly. That sure sounds like what the IICE is doing. That has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Tigers or GS's and everything to do with their EFI. Those lots of guys were on Tigers. In about 45 years of riding I have noticed a thing or two about new gismos. When new they always seem to get enthusiastic reviews. After a while people tend to look at things more objectively.
I asked a simple question, do the BP and IICE work in a similar manner? Bet I don't get that answer.
I'm reminded of a quote from the late 1800's…

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