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Ok, everybody calm down.

Originally Posted by TuefelHunden View Post

Lets do clear some things up. Number one, the BP on the Tiger was the exact same gismo as on air cooled BMWs only with a different negative slope thermistor.
"It was the exact same thing, only different." Did you really just say that?

Regarding the claimed different components, I'm thinking the "different negative slope" would be difficult for the end-user to verify. For example, do you have the part numbers of the claimed different parts used in the two Booster Plug products? I mean, a person could have it on hearsay, or have the components and datasheets in their hand.

The BP changes the data going to the ECU whether one, two, or 50 cylinders taken (water, air, or oil cooled) from the incoming air stream so that the ECU will make adjustments accordingly. [Altering the Intake Air Temp sensor input] has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Tigers or GS's and everything to do with their EFI.
There are a large number of quantitative differences in how the ECU meters fuel on an air-cooled vs. water-cooled cylinder head.

That sure sounds like what the IICE is doing. I asked a simple question, do the BP and IICE work in a similar manner? Bet I don't get that answer.
Sure TH, that's been verified a dozen times in this thread. I think the first post has a link to more info regarding the similarities.

In about 45 years of riding I have noticed a thing or two about new gismos. When new they always seem to get enthusiastic reviews. After a while people tend to look at things more objectively.
I'm gonna say that luckily for me that hasn't happened yet. Apparently I have much better mojo than the other guys.

Like Mr. Hannum said, "A sucker is born every minute."
I would agree with that.

Both of these products are cheap work band aids [compared] to doing the real fix, a re-map.
So that's the Holy Grail is it?

The BP was actually the third item in the snake oil line for Triumphs. The first was sold as FRK, again developed for what ---- BMW's and then used on Triumphs. The guy claimed it had a CPU in it. We had several electrical engineers on that forum who not only caught the FRK developer in a bunch of lies but came up with phase two, a DIY item called DOCTR. Then came BP.
Oh yea? Well then came the IICE Air.

Anyone who deals with ECU maps will tell you that playing with one sensor is not the way to fly.
I can only guess at what skill set the phrase "Anyone who deals with ECU maps" might include. Though I'd bet it doesn't include people who design ECUs. But other than that, I'd agree with you. That people with the same incorrect and incomplete data, will all give you the same answer.

Although it works for some, the real solution in the Tiger world was the ability to get a free program called TuneECU where they could remap the ECU, change ignition timing and A/R ratio's across the RPM spectrum. BMW's aren't that lucky. Power Commanders and similar boxes are [the] only solutions.
I suppose we'll see about that won't we.

Go do some research and find out how the stuff works.
Good idea. But how do you know good data from bad?

If you want to try an IICE Air on your Triumph, set to the -10C setting, I wouldn't be opposed to it.


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