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Wading back in as a partial skeptic... On my Z1000 I went with a power comander. I wanted the lean condition corrected. I ran the "stock-stock" map. My bike wasn't stock. However it was sufficient to enrich the mixture across the poor throttle range. Was there more power? maybe.

The power argument and butt dyno's are largely irrelevantthe same bike same dyno is what matters for power. I don't care that wasn't my end goal. The throttle feel is better so I'm good.

On the butt dyno I actually had a knowledgeable guy ride my Z1000 back to back with his CBR 600. He "felt " the CBR was more powerful. I had a torque curve taht was quite flat (for an I4) so there was no rush. So less power I guess. Peak was about the same.

A common DRZ fix is an enlarged airbox and a richer jet. It makes a world of difference for 5 dollars and 20 minutes. Snake oil to the non believers.

When I started looking at improvements for the BMW I gravitated that way. I read up on all the gizmos and really didn't care for what I saw. The temp offset seemed to arbritrary. Then as I followed this thread saw both the effort the Gent's put in and the fact is was adjustable I felt it was more appropriate than say the BP.

Once installed I noticed a distinct improvement in throttle feel. Just what I wanted.

Poolside's fix did what it was advertised to, power up or down be damned.

But where are my hooker's and whiskey he seems to be holding out....
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