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Originally Posted by TuefelHunden View Post
bla bla bla...... Power Commanders and similar boxes are only solutions.

Solutions to what?

You never stated what your goal was.

Solution to get max power out of the machine for racing?

Solution to smooth out power delivery for a more enjoyable ride in the real world?

The solution you came up with was to jump in like an and ruin the chance to contribute something to this thread... because depending on your goal you do have a point. But unlike Oblio your presentation was poor.

So Poolside, I unlike Hacky have a phobia about extra wiring and in my excitement to excise my GS of the evil Wunderdick wiring harness I ripped it out without thinking of the possibility of using both units together. What is your take on using the IICE and the Wunderdick controller together? Yes I realize remapping the unit would likely be necessary. More testing, more dyno, more money more more. Pandora You Bitch!

The IICE Air does a nice job of smoothing out low rpm on/off throttle but I miss the power up in the upper rpm range. And yes I play up there a fair bit. And with 97k on it now I just can't see changing my riding style just because it's got some gray on it's temples.

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