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Originally Posted by flightestman View Post
Hey i was wondering can the orange one get me on Facebook so i can show my trip as i go and text in things. The orange one doesn't do that but they made all new one it all black it gives you I-phone the power to text and all the other things the orange one does. Im not sure if you have to pay a subscription. For me i have no phone i do have i touch and it also make my i touch able to connect in real time to Facebook text and position of where i am. But for now there is no mount for it. i was thinning about that for a while before they made this one. I don't ant a phone i m again it and i want to access Facebook which the orange one doesn't and keep thinking for that much money unless I'm in emergency what else it really good for. i contact my friends through Facebook not google i use google but nobody communicated through google they coommujint through twitter and Facebook. They need to stick that part on the orange one or make the new one mountable. i don't like the seņor they have a girl unable to get phone single and she pulls out the new on its a box and puts it on her dash.. This is their main marking angle if you real phone doesn't get a connection this one will. hit better then the orange one it does the orange one and twitter and Facebook through you i-pod, or your real phone.Just need a motorcycle mount. Im not sure if you have to pay that subscription like you od the orange one. the orange one i can't use for Facebook so i never bought one. this fixed that problem,
You might want to see if someone on the Great Big Spot thread can understand what you're saying/asking. This is about F800gs and GPS.
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"The motorcycle, being poorly designed for both flight and marine operation, sustained significant external and internal damage," police noted.
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