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The comments from Massa and Rosberg were revealing today.

First, Massa. Earlier, Alonso had said they had a lot of work to do to figure out this year's car. Today Massa said they finally hit on the right development direction in the afternoon session. He said the car is so different that they had too many avenues to explore. He said that in the afternoon they were, apparently for the first time, able to put down steady lap times. He wasn't worried about overall pace so much as he was stabilizing the car and making it consistent. Fascinating, in light of Greg's link which shows how different the 2012 Ferrari is to its predecessors.

Now, Rosberg. He and Schumacher and Brawn all say the same thing: they don't have race-winning pace. But that's not the juicy bit. What's revealing is that Rosberg says this car is more polished, more prepared and more ready to go than its predecessors. Which, to me, says a lot about how far behind Brawn had slipped when Mercedes took over.

""The team is in the right direction, and the car build, the work they have done at the factory over the winter is so much better than previous years. It is clean, the car build is performing as expected and all these things [are good], so we are looking at big things as a team.""

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