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Hi Subybaja,

I understand that question will be on everyone's mind. I've been a member here for a while, and also on Stromtroopers, where I introduced these lights.

I won't speak to Sanjoh's company, his reputation, or policies, other than to say I have followed his thread, and it seems he does a good business, and his customers express satisfaction.

If you get a chance to check in with any of my customers from the other thread, I think you'll find they're also satisfied with how I handled their orders, and my communication.

What will set us apart in the next coming days will be our take on control and wiring harnesses. I don't like the idea of a wireless controller dependent on a key fob and batteries (had enough trouble with car alarms that used those)

Tesla LEDs will be offering a wired dimmer controller, and a plug & play wire harness as options for these lights.

In the future, we may also offer different lighting units, but for now, I stand behind this product.

If you want buy lights from Sanjoh, and my dimmer, or my lights and his dimmer...that's all up to you. I'm simply here to offer another option.
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