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OK! had some fun today:) I did some thinking and realized that I want to get the bike running again, and that means a gas tank. so i decided to put things back together and do the por15 strip and re-line a little later. On my way home from work, I stopped at ACE and picked up a bigger gas tank, filters, nuts, and some new funnels:)

my filter station! new 5 gallon tank (you can see the little tank that was insufficient to hold all the gas next to it), and a paint filter + a coffee filter in the funnel (the funnel has a built in filter too!)

Some of the liner that came out. looking into the tank there were bigger pieces moving around that didn't fit up my siphon, or later out the petcock hole.

The liner coming out of the petcock hole.

the soon to be rebuilt petcocks!

after I got the gas out and petcocks out, i dumped 24 nuts into the tank (after verifying they would fit out the petcock hole!) and swished them around trying to just knock out the LOOSE liner. well, it didn't work very well and damn was it hard to get all the nuts out! (Thanks Renner for the tip of counting them;) ), but i put some gas back in and swished again and filtered again, and I guess I have most of the small loose particles out.

this is down through the fill hole, you can kind of see the typical state of the liner. the bottom i could see with a flashlight was much worse.

then I rebuilt the petcocks:)

I found THIS helpful post, and just so happened to have a wrench similar to that that i ground down a bit to fit the cap slots, and after that it was just cleaning parts and replacing the few consumables.

lastly, I put the petcocks back on and put my filtered gas back in the tank

no leaks! boom baby! tomorrow I'm going to put the tank back on and fire the bike back up:) maybe go for a little ride to test all my handiwork so far.

thanks all!
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